Our Christmas department has all you need to create your own decorations, if you want to make your own baubles or create a pom pom wreath, we have what you need. Handmade Christmas cards and gift boxes can be made using our wide range of papers and card die cuts and stamps, we also have an exclusive range of baubles and tree decorations. If you are searching for a gift for someone who crafts or something that is handmade then we have a range of gifts. We stock premium brands and are always searching for that something special.

Our key partners are



Jumbo jigsaws have upheld a high standard of quality and craftmanship with its jigsaw puzzles. They only use the finest recycled board from a sustainable source to produce their puzzles. All puzzles are cut using specially designed thin blades, ensuring that each piece retains its optimum shape. The narrow joints guarantee a smooth and almost seamless finish to its puzzles.

Wasgij is the addictively unique jigsaw puzzle brand where you need to use your imagination to piece together the Wasgij ‘solution’.

There are three differente concepts in the Wasgij range that are very different frm each other, but with one common theme – the picture on the box is not de picture you will be puzzling!

For decades, Jan van Haasteren has created highly detailed, colourful and, above all, humorous illustrations.

Most of Jan’s fans will immediatly search for his trademark shark’s fin that is featured in every puzzle.

Jones Home & Gift

Our Jones & Co range of gifts recognise the need for quality products at reasonable prices which are sourced from around the globe. We aim to supply both contemporary and traditional designs in our ranges.

Toucan Gifts

A brand with a mission to create great giftware that supports the natural world around us from rainforests and rivers to oceans and ice caps. They have been inspired to design a new generation of giftware that is consciously created to reduce waste by using materials which are sustainable, biodegradable or upcycled from other products which would otherwise end up in a landfill. We firmly believe that you can have the best of both worlds – stylish, purposeful products which are also sustainable, reusable or recyclable.