How elipacrafts started

We often get asked what is elipacrafts, it’s a marriage between Eli(zabeth) & Pa(ul), we first met working for very large Hobby & Craft business in the UK, it was our dream to open a craft store in the sunshine. We were married in the Costa Blanca and wanted to start a future together here and so elipacrafts was born in 2019.

About elipacrafts

elipacrafts is a Hobby & Craft store with over 12,000 products available and access to thousands more. We both have a wealth of crafting knowledge with over 30 years of experience in the craft market. We believe in quality products at a fair price with exceptional customer service and our aim is to create a craft community across the Costa Blanca.


Creating a Crafty Community

We offer products for all levels ability and age. we are passionate about our craft store and the way in which we bring the community together. Our air-conditioned craft area is an ideal workspace for local crafting groups and demonstrations. With our close ties in the crafting community we support local, national, international brand partners and individual products from residents. We can offer products from leading UK craft companies and that along with our service is what creates our craft community.